I wrote about, which tools I explored in my first story at the beginning of my journey through the world of BPMN. From the developer perspective, it is important writing down his own thoughts, to find out which way leaded to the solution. As a plus, it keeps me updated and I’ve learned something new, some valuable functionalities, data structures, worthy patterns and so on.


I wanted to build a simple .bpmn file in Go and take the Camunda Modeler XML as my master copy. This file describes the document structure and is ready to use for the Camunda Modeler…

Few days ago I had a job interview and the company thinks, that my mindset would fit in their need. They invited me to round two, where they want to check my skillset with an easy exercise. There are different views of easy, especially when you become reviewed. For the preparation, how they meant to be, I need some knowledge about BPMN, which I had, to be honest, never heard before. As I saw it in the first time, it reminded me of UML with some difference in graphical design. …

Salvatore Gonda

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